Our Professional Team Makes All the Difference

Amy Bagley



David Blair
Director of IT



David Bond
Chief Executive Officer



Ashley Geraghty
Senior Benchmarking Consultant



Sally Greene
Account Manager



Carli Herring
Implementation Specialist



Maria McDonald
Chief Revenue Officer



Ray McDonald



Nicole Succop
Account Manager



Linda Xavier
Account Manager






We Believe That Performance Matters

Dynamic Benchmarking started in 2010 with the belief that there is always room to improve. But to improve performance, you must set goals. And to set goals, you must measure performance.

Since our founding in 2010, Dynamic Benchmarking has been committed to helping businesses succeed by providing them with the most accurate, up-to-date and relevant performance metrics available. By combining the proven business concept of benchmarking surveys with the immediacy and reach of online crowdsourcing we have built a powerful solution that delivers real-time, actionable data and comparisons to help both businesses and individuals improve.

It is very difficult to make smart business decisions in a vacuum. You need fresh and relevant data to make informed decisions for the health of your business and your career. Our platform is purpose built to anonymously, safely and securely collect performance, salary and financial information so that it can be shared. We have created this safe and secure mechanism for sharing data so that businesses and individuals can learn from each other without fear of sharing private information because we believe that the best way to improve performance is through data-driven decision making.

Empowering Growth with Real Data

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Empowering Growth with Real Data

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