Is the Culture at Your Organization Headed in the Right Direction?

Start measuring it today with our quick launch platform

Tested Survey Templates 

Our team has worked with DEI experts to develop a question bank that allows your organization to quickly get started measuring how your employees or members feel about the culture at your organization.

  • Bank of Questions to Choose From
  • Branded Portal for Data Entry & Results
  • Automated Reporting

Guidance from a Team with Experience

The DB team has worked with some of the largest associations and companies with 600+ employees to implement Cultural Assessments at their organization. Our experience will help you easily and quickly launch your assessment.

  • Marketing guidance for launch
  • Guidance on Question Selection
  • Getting Your Executive Team on Board

Automated Reporting for quick results

The pillar of the Dynamic Benchmarking Platform is our reporting engine. No wait time after data collection to manipulate spreadsheets and determine results, our system does the work for you.

  • Utilize built-in filters for data analyzation
  • Reporting portal available 24/7
  • Excel, Word, and PowerPoint reports


Up to 20 questions
Dedicated Account Manager
Automated Reporting
Single Database Repository
PowerPoint Report
Excel Report
Word Report
5 Filters
Rapid Launch Implementation
Trend Reporting for multiple data collections


Built-in filters for easy data mining & discovery

Automated reporting for simple data analysis

*This is a sample report with a limited number of questions.  Your report would have all category questions.


*This is a sample report with a limited number of questions.  Your report would have all category questions.


Administered by a Secure Third Party Data Collector

In order to get good data, your employees and members must feel comfortable submitting their feedback. By hiring Dynamic Benchmarking to administer your anonymous assessment, instead of going at it on your own, your employees and members can feel comfortable knowing that your team never touches the data and only sees the results once reports are ready. Because Dynamic Benchmarking is a full service data collector and benchmarking technology provider, we have invested to ensure our platform incorporates the highest level of security. Your team can feel comfortable that your results are secure, and your employees and members can feel comfortable submitting their true feelings on the direction of the culture at your organization.

Use data to drive a more inclusive culture at your organization