Non-Dues Revenue Opportunities

Benchmarking is a great tool to add value for your members and sponsors.


Dynamic Benchmarking: 

Benefits of Sponsorship, Non-Dues Revenue Collection and Potential Revenue Share

colorcorrect sponsorship

90% of DEI Benchmarking Surveys are Sponsored

50%+ of Benchmarking Platforms Sold in the Last Year are Sponsored

20% of All clients have a Sponsored Platform


With in-person events being less frequent and sponsors wanting more ROI for their sponsorship dollars, associations are looking for more value added initiatives to offer their partners. Benchmarking not only is a member benefit but there are numerous ways to allow multiple sponsors to participate through branding, specialized reports, and more.

commNon-Dues Revenue Collection

While dues normally make up the bulk of association's revenue, non-dues revenue has become increasingly vital to the association's bottom line. Benchmarking not only adds a higher level of member benefit, but it also creates an opportunity to generate non-dues revenue through report sales to non-members, benchmarking access to non-members, and upgraded reporting resources for members and non-members.

sharecutPotential Revenue Share

Lack the funds and can't find a sponsor, but still want to launch a benchmarking initiative? Revenue share is a growing way many associations are choosing to venture into benchmarking. While it's not right for every association, it can prove to monetarily advantageous for many. At Dynamic Benchmarking, we work with associations to launch a platform that allows the members to pay for access to the platform. Once a  certain $ amount has been reached, all proceeds above that amount are shared with the association.

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